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Gellan Gum

What is gellan gum?

Gellan gum is a viscous soluble fiberartificially produced by non-pathogenic bacteria Sphingomonas elodea from lactose (cheese whey) or glucose (corn starch) [1]. It is an indigestible carbohydrate, a mixture of polysaccharides composed of glucose, rhamnose and glucuronic acid [4].

Gellan Gum a a Food Additive

Gellan gum is used as a thickener in baked goods, dairy products, jams, sauces, confectionery. In European Union, it is labeled as E number E418 [2].

Gellan Gum Supplements

Capsules and tablets are available over-the-counter (OTC).

Possible Health Benefits of Gellan Gum

  • Constipation. Gellan gum may act as a mild laxative and increase the bulk of the stool [3].
  • Cholesterol levels. In one small study, gellan gum lowered total cholesterol levels in adults by about 10% [3].

There is INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE about the effectiveness of gellan gum in prevention or treatment of high blood glucose levels in individuals with diabetes 2 [3].

Gellan Gum Safety, Side Effects

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given gellan gum the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status, but it approves its use in foods [4]. Gellan gum has “ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) not specified” status by JECFA [5], meaning toxicity at any amount has not been reported. Excessive intake may cause abdominal bloating, excessive gas (flatulence), loose stools or diarrhea.

Gellan gum produced from whey is not vegan, but the one produced from cornstarch is.

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26 Responses to "Gellan Gum"

  1. Catherine says:

    Not vegan? It occurs in a lot of vegan milks and every other source says it’s a vegan alternative to gelatine. Please can you check and amend?

    • Jan Modric says:

      Catherine, gellan gum that is produced from whey protein (from cheese) is not vegan, but is vegetarian, right? Gellan gum produced from cornstarch is vegan. I imagine, in most cases, but maybe not always, gellan gum used in foods is produced from starch, so it is vegan.

      Here’s another source that says: “Gellan gum is reliably produced by Sphingomonas paucimobilis in growth media containing lactose, a significant component of cheese whey, as a carbon source.”

  2. Alex says:

    Gellan gum/Cornstarch from GMO corn? I stopped buying anything with Gellan gum and carrageenan etc. food additives…. food without these additives is real food for health

    • Jan Modric says:

      Alex, gellan gum is not necessary produced from GMO corn. But I agree, may foods without any additives are just fine.

  3. Pam Roylance says:

    Where can I find (to purchase) pure, real dairy heavy cream without ANY artificial additives?

  4. Sam says:

    I just purchased Organic Valley heavy whipping cream, and was so happy to find something I thought was pure. I read the label after I got home. It has Gellan Gum. This is how I found your site, asking what is this gellan gum. I wish I could find a product where I live that is simply cream. And salt perhaps. I am in Central Florida, cannot get to a Wegmans or those others you mentioned. Any ideas, please? Thank you.

    • Jan Modric says:

      You would need to search online for this. There are various websites that list foods without additives.

    • Melissa says:

      I came on this site to explore the side effects of gellan gum, as well. I woke up this morning in tons of pain in the same way I would feel after I had almond milk with carrageenan in it. I tried a new brand that had gellan gum in it and wondered if that was what my body was not happy with. Reading your post I realized I had Indian pudding with Organic Valley heavy whipping cream last night! It’s in my hand now and yes, there it is. So, I am starting to believe that this is creating the same painful inflammation in my body that carrageenan did. I had been using Pacific almond milk for about 6 months, every morning, having a smoothie with it – and thought I was drinking something healthy because it was organic and non-GMO certified. As soon as I stopped drinking the almond milk after I found out about carrageenan, I had literally zero knee pain and body pain. Today I woke up in incredible pain in my joints and with flatulance.

  5. Case says:

    Will it absorb alcohol?

  6. Lane says:

    Is Gellan Gum known to harden arteries?

  7. Faith says:

    I boiled some highly filtered milk with that Gellan gum in it and the skim was so thick it tore like paper. I’m still waiting for it to dissolve in the water. It’s been hours!! Whose I could send a picture.

  8. CINOGEL says:

    Is gellan gum be used to improve flavors, colors, textures, or nutritive values lost in processing?

  9. Marie says:

    This is a lactose ? Why am I finding it in almond creamers. Causes gas and stomach discomfort.

    • Jan Modric says:

      Gellan gum is used as a thickener. It is a complex carbohydrate, it’s a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can cause gas in a similar way as lactose.

  10. Cheryl Livingston says:

    I am IBS-D and cannot have anything with mold in it like Xanthan gum. I am also lactose sensitive. So when I found this Almond milk and put it in my cereal the next day I was seriously ill. I had really checked to make sure that their was no Xanthan gum or milk in it but my system reacted so badly to it I had to ask what was Gellan gum. Wow !! two for one. I can take something for the lactose part but not for the mold part. But OMG why do we as people have to go thru this because of all these additives. Saying that it has Gellan gum in it meant nothing to me. People do not know this. Or that Sorbitol is a sugar that they put in anti diarrhea chewable that acts as a laxative. Too many chemicals that my 74 year old body can’t take. I have to be extra careful in restaurants and in grocery stores. I may have to stick to only raw vegetables

  11. heechul says:

    If I use the gellan gum to make almond milk, how much should I use per liter?

  12. Julie says:

    Almond milk is incredibly easy to make yourself. You’ll need almonds water and you can add vanilla agave or maple syrup to slightly sweeten it. You will always know what is in it cause you made it. Just buy a nut bag from eBay and your right to go.

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