What is xylose?

Xylose or wood sugar is a simple sugar (a monosaccharide) extracted from wood, sugar cane or coconuts [4]. It also naturally occurs in small amounts in berries, spinach, broccoli, and pears and as part of dietary fiber called arabinoxylan.

Nutrition Facts for Xylose

  • Calories per gram = 2.4 [2]
  • Glycemic index = low [4]
  • Sweetness relative to sucrose = 40% [3-p.65]
  • Net carbs = 60%

Xylose Uses

Xylose is used as a sweetener and as a substrate for the production of a sugar alcohol xylitol.

Xylose and Cooking

  • D-Xylose is available as a white crystalline powder [1].
  • Xylose is a sweetener, 40% as sweet as sucrose [3].
  • Xylose is a reducing sugar, which means it can undergo a Maillard browning reaction in the presence of amino acids.
  • Melting point = 293-302 °F (145-150 °C) [1]

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  1. Jesse Lejarzar says:

    Xylose is at least 60-80percent as sweet as sugar

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